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Woke is heavily layered in Derrida/ Foucault (why not Baudrillard?). That's just the frosting.

The cake isn't about Egalitarianism. Have to admit, wasn't on my BINGO card to attribute Locke as the progenitor for BLM, genders are constructs, and Newton is Imperialist (Though he was head of the British Empire's Royal Mint for some time).

Egalitarianism as a proxy to Charles I's execution...perhaps Cromwell had one hand on the sword, while handing out a laurel with the other hand, lifting the 350 year old Edict of Expulsion against the Jews.

Power at all costs has a very rich tradition. Power using the idea of 'equality or equity' at all costs is certainly a younger concept, yet nevertheless, power adopts whatever resource it needs to retain, well, itself.

The Catholic church has a far richer history picking fights with anyone else in the bar: Jews, Muslims, Cathars, Women, England, themselves. What is more impressive, they attempted to pick all these fights arguably, simultaneously. What isn't arguable, is that drunk on their own supply, they certainly did it in succession over centuries.

Now if it's Rousseau you want to attribute more to the Discourse over Inequality, that might be the just desert, as it was him in his confessions whom recalled "Alors qu'ils mangent de la brioche".

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